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SMART-O 38 Plug Starter Kit

Part #: BRA38
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  • An o-ring is situated within the threads that expands when it comes in contact with oil, essentially sealing from leaks or from vibrating loose. This helps keep the oil in the pan and off driveways, garage floors and roadways.
  • There are only 17 part numbers to cover 99% of the vehicles on the road, providing an inventory reduction opportunity.
  • The plug and washer comes packaged together for ease of matching and faster service.
  • IT’S REUSEABLE! For additional oil changes, remove the plug and set aside. After vehicle service, the plug is ready to go back in the pan.
  • Over 1 Million oil changes and counting! SMART-O has been in the market for several years providing maximum protection for customers and the environment
  • 38 Plugs with Washers: 6 Each: F1, 5 Each: R1, R6, 4 Each: F3, R9, 3 Each: R3, 1 Each: R4, R5, R11, R16, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, S13, S18

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Product Overview

Part # BRA38

SMART-O® is a safer and more effective oil drain plug (sump plug), engineered to reduce the risk of damage to the oil pan, engine damage and water pollution. The plug utilizes a innovative, patented sealing and locking mechanism which enables the plug to resist vibration and seals more effectively. Car owners and auto service professionals are both familiar with mishaps where oil drain plugs (sump plugs) are over torqued, under-tightened or insufficiently tightened. This can expose lube shop operators or vehicle owners to risks for damaged oil pans, sudden oil loss, engine damage and finally costly engine replacements and insurance claims.


Name SMART-O 38 Plug Starter Kit
Part # BRA38
Brand Smart O
Weight 4.00 lbs
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty

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